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August 31, 2011


Woman Labels Dead Cats, Saves Them in Freezer

(Thanks to Carroll Stewart)


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Trying to label cats that are alive is a lot harder. Trust me.

Well everyone needs a hobby?

Do people like this not own a backyard and a shovel? I just don't understand it.

Did she wrap them in something or put them in a box first or just put them in the freezer? Either way it's really creepy. Also, that's a really big freezer (even a chest or upright) or those are small cats.

I can understand if you have a cat die in February and want to wait until the backyard thaws to bury him.

But 40 frozen cats in summer is just too much...

40 Frozen Cats wbagnfarb?


More 'Name that Beaver Pussy'?

Nothing like a frozen Cat-Sicle on a hot summer day...
oh, wait...err...gross!!!

I meant PopSicle. Sorry. The heats affecting my synapses.

The article that COULD have been:

Dear Helosie:

Is it okay to keep frozen cats (labeled, of course) in your freezer?


Dear Demented:

Unfortunately, yes there is. Cats dehydrate faster than an isopropyl alcohol spill, and freezing just
speeds up the process. ALso cat hair contains bacteria that thrive in cold or hot weather, so unless you plan to skin and quarter, and use that super sticky self sealing Saran Wrap, I must say NO.


EW. Makes our neighborhood cat hoarder seem normal.

This explains why she always named her kittens either Frosty or Snowball.

I guess putting them in the freezer beats putting them in the oven..... just sayin'

Oh, and Ewwwwww

Don't throw that out!
You might need it later.

i will echo... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. now there's a sick........... er, puppy.

Not My Usual Alias: Trying to label cats that are alive is a lot harder. Trust me.

I've found commercial cattle ear tags to be most effective when I'm cat-herding.

Applying the first tag isn't so tough. But when a cat manages to lose one... Lemme tell ya, getting one of 'em into the Auomatic Cat Washing Machine the second time is easier than retagging.

(Note: This comment has been satire. While it's possible that I am crazy, I am not suicidal. And it's a sad commentary on the purported intelligence of too blasted many Internet users that a disclaimer is necessary.)

I used to love reading "Dear Heloise", partly because it seemed to me that her name should be pronounced "hell-woz".

I can just imagine the smell from all of those cats. Then to freeze the dead ones. You wonder why they don't call someone to help when there starts to be too many. Cats multiply fast.Then to freeze them. Ewwww...

Reading about beavers an pussycats on today's blog made me wonder what you would get if you could cross breed them?

It helps to skin them first, then freeze the skins until you can tan them -- less wasted space. Of course you label them: it provides a "use by" date. One quart resealable plastic bags work well.

Doesn't anybody remember this?

a haiku:

insert dowel rod
add lemon juice, sugar, freeze

toss 'em in blender
add some tequila for a

No one noticed that the reporter's last name was feral? (Probably spells it differently.)

Sounds like she's saving them for a big barbecue party.

She had them all ... cat-alogued?
C'mon! 22 of you posted and nobody said it?

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