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August 29, 2011


It's getting so a man can't even tow barbecue wood in a bathtub.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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They might as well just shred the Constitution assuming Germany has one and be done with it.

Budding amusement park designer. Bravo.

Calgon take me away.

Wait -- this happened in Germany? What's the French reaction? And is a German national allowed to have a Florida driver's license? Who's going to answer the really big questions, here?

Aw, come on - fascism in Germany? Unheard of.

There was a friend in the bathtub with the wood? Any answer on how much alcohol was involved? I'm assuming they drink in Germany.

I get nervous when Germans drive strange potentially dangerous vehicles.

Maybe the friend was a lady friend and he just took a cialis?

Then where was the second bathtub, ofg?

Do they drink in Germany, cindy? Does the Chancellor go in the woods?

Jeff, maybe he is not a dumb as those guys in the cialis commercials? maybe he is gonna get in the tub with her. Hard to get together in two tubs. IFKWIM

Thanks for the tip, Jeff. Just added it to my wish list.

It's incredibly stupid and dangerous? IT WAS GUYS!!! (I, for one, am shocked...)

The son of a beech wanted to wash his ash?

Darwin is cheated again. Something tells me these guys will give him another chance.

"It was incredibly stupid and dangerous," said one officer.

the other officer replied, "okay, so it's my turn in the tub next then, right?"

No. German police were puzzled how the bathtub moved without wheels. It's motion back and forth made them sleepy and induced a trance. If he'd had wheels on it, they would have never stopped him.

They're doing it wrong.

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