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August 29, 2011


Donna Montgomery said they acquired a banana tree four years ago that produces fruit annually.

(Thanks to funny man)


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You'd be surprised how desperate local papers get for stories sometimes. Totally true: we once got our family vacation written up in the local paper by simply visiting a bunch of towns with the same name.

Would have been funnier if their name was Foster

I had to click through the homepage all the way to the Benton High School to find out that this relevatory gardening experience takes place in Illinois.

You put the lime in the coconut for PR.

How do you replant a tree after you've chopped it down? Wouldn't the root still be in the ground?

Why go to all the trouble? Just move to Florida! You gotta drive though, if you want to take your plants. It's kind of like smuggling if you bring plants across state lines, or something like that.

I didn't understand that part either NC. Seems like they'd have to dig it up ......

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