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August 30, 2011


The incident, according to police, took place after Knowles was not allowed inside “Club Cameo” on South Beach Sunday night because she was carrying a five-foot tall inflatable banana.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger, who says, "This doesn't happen where I live.")


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Darn, a chance to comment first and the brain is blank. Gotta be a good banana joke out there that I have forgot.

No need to guess what state.

'Knowles is known for her singing & dancing career & appearances in films such as Johnson Family Vacation'

- so she's performed with 'big bananas' before?

"I have literally had my last leg.." she said.
I have no idea what that means.

Acts name: La Chiquita & her Banana.

Yeah-- publish a story mentioning Beyonce and a giant banana and see what develops.

The fruit of all evils?

I don't think they were discriminating against her because of her race. I think they were discriminating against her because she's stupid. That's just my opinion. This sounds like she is just trying to get her name in the papers and on the news. Her sister Beyonce just announced she is having a baby so I guess she wants her share of the spotlight.

If they discriminated against the stupid, cindy, South Beach would be a ghost town.

I prefer the headline on this version.

Diva, your article also had this great line: "Police said they did not take the banana into custody..."

I wonder if the banana split.

BRAVO, Jeff!

Not one "happy to see me" comment? Disappointed.

*snork* @ diva & braniff -

also noted:

it happened on a sundae

I bet not many bananas deflate around her.

"Is that a giant inflatable banana in your pocket or....? etc.

C'mon, admit you were thinking it.

Does it say anywhere what the purpose of the banana was or what possible use it was going to be put to?

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