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August 27, 2011


Women waste 50bn litres of water shaving legs in shower

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That explains why the French are not having a water shortage.

All that water we're saving from those miserable new toilets that don't work... wasted. ( sobs )

Dammit Dave, you gave away my secret. We also have a long standing disagreement over the frequency of my face shaving.

I'm good with that.

We use your razors too.

I think guys would complain more if we didn't shave.

Selfish b!tches!

Whatever you do is fine with most of us, Toto, though yes, given the choice I think we'd choose shaved rather than stubbly.

But then, isn't that true for guys' faces?

Anyone? Bueller?

For some reason, Jeff, I'm drawn to men with a beard. I don't know why. Maybe it's a Santa complex.

Showed my wife this story and offered to shave her legs for her...got slapped and told to go away.

*SMACKS* EyeGore again for his wife.

Cindy is, apparently, in syndication.

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