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August 29, 2011


"He said, 'Momma there's a truck in the ceiling!' And I'm like, 'A truck in the ceiling?'"

(Thanks to funny man)


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I keep saying this, but no one ever listens: Do not give your car to those valet parking attendants.

I LOVE flying cars; it's those houses on the runway that ruin all the fun.

My first question was why were they watching TV in the daughter's room? Don't they have one in the living room? Also I don't think anyone would have to tell me if an SUV landed on my house. Maybe Santa is getting a head start this year.

Isn't this how a fad starts?

Pretty soon everyone will want an SUV in the living room ceiling.

This takes hybrid in a very new direction.

I loved the part about they were investigating (sp) if the driver was impaired. Why would they think that? don't most sober people drive into a house from time to time? Excuse the lousy spelling. I left my brain at home this morning.

Alcohol may have, etc.

oldfatguy: you spelled it perfectly. See, no brain needed!

Key line: "Hold my beer and watch this!"

Could be the driver was simply an attic fan. (ducks rotten vegetables)

He said "Momma, there's a truck in the ceiling!"
And I'm like "Shut yer trap, you little bastard. I'm watching Jerry Springer"

They are investigating "whether" the driver was impaired. Seriously? I'd think it's less of a "what if?" than a "HOW much??"

Perhaps they're (not their) hoarders and the only clean place to watch TV was the daughter's room. In that case, a truck in the attic won't be a problem to them.

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Needed a little more speed to clear the house. Next time, try with a one story house.

Who the hell has a yard that acts as a giant ramp other than the guys from Jackass?

They were lucky they weren't eaten by a grue.


(Yes, I believe in recycling)

They are currently working on cars that "drive themselves." In other words. A.I. or programs that can drive for ya.

But if they go wrong, will the "program" serve time?

Not on your life. Not when they can shake money outta people.

My climate science computer model says it definitely could have happened.

Ralph: You'll never get it up the steps.
(Quick, clam up!)

I wonder if the truck's gun rack sustained any damage?

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