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August 22, 2011


Ferry runs aground after captain stuck in toilet

(Thanks to The Perts and Ralph)


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Almost as bad as the jerk who ran the Staten Island Ferry into the pier in 2003 and killed 11 people.

Captain Ahab would never have done something like this! I guess he's 'Finnish' as a captain.

C'mon, you didn't expect the guy to dump his load in the middle of the lake, did you?

When I was about 14, I hitched a short ride on a mailboat, a 75'converted PT boat. The captain left me at the wheel while he went below to attend to business. I didn't hit anything. I wasn't licensed to drive that boat then; I am now.

Any teenager on board could have avoided this. Unfortunately, the ferry captain was being a shithead.

The captain's gone to pot! Heaven help us them.

We knew some fellow geezers who had a very expensive geezer bus.....the guy was at a truck stop filling up with diesel when he went back to use the crapper.... apparently he forgot to pull the parking brake (there is no Park on the transmission, just Neutral). And, of course, Mrs. Geezer was in the building paying for the fuel.

You guessed it, the bus rolled forward (there was a slight decline), he got hurt, and the bus was damaged to the tune of $300,000.

Talk about a "you'll never live that down" story.

Was it a 3 hour cruise ? Did the weather start getting rough ? So many questions.

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