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July 25, 2011


The Eight Most Dangerous Interstates

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Note : Most dangerous does not always equal scariest to drive on.

so if you can get an Online Degree in this,
would that make you a Roads Scholar?

Just for fun, Florida should join up I-4 and I-95, right in the middle of Tampa... The interstates are nothing but parking lots during rush hours any way.

How on earth did Florida steal the title away from Interstate 15? Oh, wait:

A $349 million construction project to improve I-15 may have complicated the roadway during the time the statistics were taken ...

Multiple construction zones makes traveling at 95-100 mph rather difficult, I'd say.

BTW, for an example, on February 21st of this year, there was a multi-car, multi-fatality crash on the southbound I-15 north of Lake Elsinore, and about an hour later, rubbernecking caused yet another multi-car, multi-fatality crash in the northbound lanes.

I can't find a link just now, but I ended up stuck in both traffic jams.

somehow the DC beltway didn't make it.

eil, I-95 and I-4 meet by Daytona Beach on the east coast. And I-4 goes through Orlando- wheee!

I've survived I-95 the last seven winters and I must confess, I've driven worse - like the Gowanus (so-called) Expressway, which is also threatening to fall down.

Sorry, that should be 'always' not 'also'

Eil, I think I already have enough fun with Malfunction Junction and the I-4/I-75 area.

I drove 95 through Daytona today. No problem.
But my favorite is 75 through Atlanta. It is exactly like a NASCAR event; high speed with 5 feet separating the competitors...un, cars.

Spaghetti junction in Atlanta, I-85, I-285 to I-20, and I-75. If you are going to hell, you have to go to Atlanta first.

I traveled on list items 3 and 4 this weekend. I survived.

Ah, I45 from Galveston to Dallas by way of Houston, a local columnist commented that the rebuilding of Japan after WWII and the building of I45 began at the same time and we still haven't finished I45. And that was 30 yrs ago he said that and they are STILL working on I45.

would that make you a Roads Scholar?
Posted by: sandy | July 25, 2011 at 04:31 PM

No. But it would make you street smart.

@ markhh:

As long as you have the drive you can explore many avenues


Washington DC is the worst for driving. They are either;

under construction with lanes blocked off,
tourist season,
having a demonstration on the Mall or in front of the WH, COngress, etc.,

Oh and try finding a parking place.

I live moments away from #3 and #4. Today, on the 15, a car was upside down. Moments later, a distracted driver, watching the accident, flipped his car exactly the same way. They ended up not 20 feet from one another.

Welcome to Kalifornia! License and insurance obviously no longer required.

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