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July 28, 2011


Free pot offered to those who register to vote at Lansing, Mich., clinic

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Loudmouth)


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i don't live there...wonder if i can still register to vote there

i don't live there...wonder if i can still register to vote there

hmm... i wonder which party would attract more voters with this ploy... geez that's a puzzler that is...

Medibles? I'm not sure but I think this is illegal. Wonder how many medibles the guy that dreamed this up had eaten that day.

wait - what could the republicans offer to entice more folks to register?

dry martinis

golf balls

sun block

your turn

"I'll take 'Potent Potables Medibles' for $500,000"

- Alex 'feels like a heel' Trebek

Ploy backfires when those registered are too stoned to get over to the voting booths.

OC, just leave a Hansel & Gretel trail of Cheetos to the polls.

This kind of thing would never happen in Miami.

ah - teh repuublicans got nuthin to compare, dudes.

This is one way to weed out potential voters

...and a bag of Doritos for after.

Standing at corner waiting for Geezer bus headed for Lansing... "Whew! It's hot out here!"

I agree with Cindy. Totally wrong. Totally illegal. Totally fun?

I wonder if other pharmacies will jump on board. Maybe we could get some free Vicodin and cephalosporin to go with it.

Dude -- I'm so PROUD of my hometown.

The shuttle ride to the polls helps too... "Where we goin Dude, I'm hungry."

If you are a Clinton Democrat, you can't inhale.

The only catch is you have to cast your vote at 4:20 on Election Day.

Wow! The colors!

Just wait until they get to the voting booths. "And behind door number three...."

And, of course, voter turnout will be high.

Judging from recent elections, I thought voters were already stoned.

This is exactly why I can't support Dave's "Wonder what state this is?"-type comments on every wacky story from Florida. The real outlandish news always comes from Michigan.

dude, i regestered like, 20 times...

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