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July 29, 2011


Pippa Middleton's Rear Is 'Queen of the Booty' in Plastic Surgery Circles

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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....and she poops a Royal Flush

Guys need to remember that booty will probably not be willing to get up and get you a beer and a sandwich during the big game. Also like all previous great civilizations it someday too, will fall.

Where do I go to register my "yes" vote?

...like all previous great civilizations it someday too, will fall.
:: pictures Kim Kardashian at 50 ::


Again, why do I need to know? I'm sure it's very ice, but since we're not likely to see it up close and personal (as Mr. Cosell used to say), so what?

When you're young and rich and thin why shouldn't it look good?

i scrolled all the way down and there was no picture of the booty. what a gyp.

This is NEWS? The rest of us knew it the day of the "Nuptials le Grande." No guy was watching for Kate's dress; their eyes were glued to Pippa's buttocks.

Pippa who?

I'm sorry. I guess I'm a little behind.

She's the sister in law of the Prince of Wales. More than that, I couldn't say.

That's not the only circle! (Um, sorry - got a bit enthusiastic there.)

Didn't Shakespeare say: "A rear by any other name would look big in that dress....."

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