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July 29, 2011


Meet the man with four eyebrows and five convictions for drunken driving


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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29??! What is he, benjamin button??

Was he on his way back from the tattoo parlor each time he got a DUI?

I'm betting he's single, ladies.


The chemo hair style and tattoos give him the look of a much younger man: Like nine.

Love may kill slow (sic) but stupidity will speed things up.

Well, you have to be extra special to stand out from the crowd in Manitowoc.

I was just reading that Octomom is considering appearing on a "celebrity dating show". I believe Doofus there might make a great contestant.

He didn't just ride the short bus, he stole it!

Seems reasonable to need a drink after looking in the mirror at that!

swerving left and right in Two Rivers

Wait, was he driving a boat?

his mom must be so proud...

That's a man?

Actually, wasn't he in THE WIZARD OF OZ?

Medical opinion, anyone? Cindy?
He's obviously made some bad choices, but that may be part and parcel.

Need proof that Darwin was wrong? Just look at that photo. It looks like someone tattooed a three year old, badly.

Perhaps that is the IQ he aspires to?

Smelling of alcohol, glassy and bloodshot eyes, and an inability to stand may be the least of his problems.

Too much rorting, I'd say.

Steve, in my opinion he has some type of pituitary problem. However that is still no excuse for bad taste.

Not a boat Lazyee, that would be 'swerving port and starboard'. Wut?, he looks like he's five. I'll have what he's drinking.

Boy he does look like a Mumschin. How would you like to be an unemployment worker giving him advice on job interviews: "Wear a turtleneck and big sunglasses....thats your only hope.".

PB - I would be scared to death if the Octomom and this dude got together. Must not let that happen.

I can only imagine this guy's trailer: Transcripts to "Matt Houston" in embossed vinyl binders, and framed velveteen paintings -- one day he'll be able to afford true velvet.

A lifetime of eating Lucky Charms cereal can do that to fellow.

OMG, is it Halloween already?

He represents the lollypop guild....

More like a horses posterior of a different color.

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