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July 28, 2011


Does our strict policy prevent us from posting this item, or do you think it would be okay?

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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I have no problem with it.

I think it's fine, Judi! I hope they put his sterling bottom (ley) in jail for a long, long time.

Seems fine to me.

His mother must've hated him to hang that moniker on him. I bet she was in labor for 2 or 3 days to get that angry.

Isn't that where they named a sewage plant after you?

My favorite uncle was named Sterling. We learned to NEVER call him by that name. My maiden name is Johnson. I'll let you put that together.

I'm willing to bet he was the butt of all jokes.

That's what I was thinking, Steve.

It was Grand Forks, which is (amazingly) not the same place as East Grand Forks, apparently.

Who knew?

He's certainly someone worth humiliating, if that wasn't accomplished by the article.

Yah, not Sterling at all.

Sterling the stalker has tarnished his name:
'Scum-sucking-bottomly-dweller' is his claim to fame

Imagine. Had he pulled this stunt over in Norway he would have been sentenced to 45 minutes at Burke Williams, Oslo.

creeepo, whatever his name is!

Better than Sterling Weiner. Don't ya think?

post it. it's not legal for this idiot to stalk anyone.

What's with all the facebook stories today?

Facebook is the home of millions of stalkers.

Guess it's better than Goldplated A-hole.

Sterling performance, Bottomley!

I'm sure Bubba is gonna love his sterling bottom.

Sterling Bottomly. Isn't that one of the villians from Dudley Doright.

A believe your strict policy does, in fact, prevent you from posting this, so please don't.

His name is relatively tame. I mean come on. The "double" of the entendre is just "bottom". To violate the strict policy, the double has to be pretty strong. Like Hugh Jass or something.

I went to high school with a Sterling Pumpkinseed. But he was from the Oklahoma Sterlings. Not the Dakota ones.

They changed the name from the Old(e) English: Ass.

Captain Kangaroo? Oh, the shame of it....

at least it may stop those rumors about you and mr.greenlegs....

Hop on the Geezer bus and sit up front if you know this one:

He needs to relocate to London.

Reason? Give him British, Sterling!

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