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July 30, 2011


Deputies: Man tried to use potato as silencer on rifle

(Thanks to R&L Stevenson)


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No, NO, No! Potatoes are to stuff in exhuast pipes. Geez this person needs to go back to culprit school.

The blog notes his last name, and wonders if he is any relation to Charlton Eustace Haney, the con man of
TV show Green Acres.

Somalian pirates laugh at the fool with a potato on his AK47.

But did it work?

Inquiring minds rednecks want to know.

snork @MikeyVA!

I think on her last syndicated show, Martha Stewart mentioned that Yukon Golds make much better silencers
than either reds or Idaho Russets.

Funny, only if they are el dente.

should've used a sweet potato - The Silence of the Yams


"The two men ran off in separate directions."

How come you never read about ONE man running off in separate directions?

*snork at sandy*

SW I'd like to see a picture of that. Of course he would probably have a split personality.

SW Only if he has a split personality.

Sorry Nursecindy. I trod all over your comment. Treaded? Treed?

At least the print reporter got the details, and told us it was a red potato. On TV, you get stories like this with common taters.

'...it was not immediately clear who or what he might have been planning to shoot'.

...butt he must've wanted an eye for an eye

In the movie "Pride and Glory," one of the villains used a Russet potato as a silencer for his hand gun. Yet another reason we must have stricter federal controls on hand guns, movies, villains, and Russet potatoes.

Would you like fries with that, for your pistol?

Sounds like a half-baked idea.

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