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July 30, 2011


According to the police report, peanut butter and jelly was smeared on most of the floors, furniture and more. Even the man's dog was covered in peanut butter and jelly, according to the report.

(Thanks to nursecindy and Chuck Cody)


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They could take him to jail after he cleaned up my house and washed the dog. That should teach him.

Cat, Burglar, or cat burglar, we gotta get a better class of criminals. I hope that suspect left some DNA in his/her "calling cards" and they make him/her clean up and is locked up.

What a goober!


*schnork* @ schmuucker

One minute the peanut butter thief was there, in a jif he was gone

"According to the police report, peanut butter and jelly was smeared on most of the floors..."

They was, was they?

Only on most of the floors. One of them was preserved.

But were the peanut butter and jelly layered, or striped? Shoddy reporting.

I think Elvis is involved.

I think the bloglits should be known as "Punmasters International".

Well done, everyone.

guy's definitely got peter pan syndrome

Goober! That's gotta be his name!!!

The dog did it.

Police have nothing to goo on.

I'd go with the dog, too. Joey and Stewie would definitely be capable of such shenanigans. But they'd have cleaned up afterwards.

Steve...That's where the throwing up on the bed comes in. The dog was just taking a little break between courses.

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