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July 31, 2011


An intoxicated man was arrested early Saturday morning when Louisiana state police determined he took a snooze while his 8-year-old son took the wheel, authorities said.

(Thanks to Marc)


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Hey, Dad was drunk. Sensible solution for a Mississippian, right?

They start 'em young in the South, don't they? Oh, I don't mean the boy driving. I mean the womenfolk in the backseat, doing the backseat driving.

*SMACKS* SW. Now slow down and watch where you're going.

Watching the report on our local CBS affiliate caused me reconsider my love for motorcycle riding.

Insert a to between me and reconsider in my previous post.

I think he donated his brain to science before he was done using it.

The biggest boneheaded driver I've seen this week had....New York license plates. Evidently in New York it's okay to pass everyone sitting in a turn lane at a light and then cut in front of them. They should know sometimes our pickup trucks are armed and just itchin' for a chance to shoot a Yankee.


That is why we here in VA carry weapons in our cars. 495 gets brutal and one must be prepared for tailgaters and lane jumpers.

Traffic advisory: Be sure that you roll down your window before you shoot at them.

An acquaintance of mine, Calvin, was letting his teenage son drive. They were in a left-turn lane waiting for the opportunity.
Traffic was backed up coming from the opposite direction.
A driver got tired of waiting for the line to move, so he pulled out to pass 'em all. At a stop light.
He couldn't have hit Calvin's car at more than 20-25 mph. But it was enough to break Calvin's neck.
Strangely, the cops called it an "accident" and no charges were filed.
Calvin's son needed counseling.

Why are these guys always named Billy Joe Madden? Or their women folks Bobby Sue?

I once saw two apparently deaf people having a conversation while driving.

I got worried when the driver was watching what the passenger was signing.

I got scared when he let go of the wheel to answer.

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