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July 30, 2011


Calif. taxidermist preserves Gaga's meat dress

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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The project has prompted a swarm of media interest

...and the dress has prompted a swarm of flies.

p.s. I didn't know media interest could swarm

No chance of her still being in the dress is there?

I think Dave could have safely ended that headline after the word 'heaves'.

Two words: meat ax.

cindy, you read my mind! I wish.

Once it's preserved, isn't it basically beef jerky?

Already done.

Yeah, but it will still stink.

I think Gaga gets a new one every thirty days from
her butcher.

She thinks it's very witty to tell her friends she
feels like a piece of meat, especially when she wears it.

If it *shudder* some day winds up in The Smithsonian, would be be government pork?

So what's your beef?

No " Roast Beef a la Gaga " TV dinners for now folks. Sorry.

They tried to convince the taxidermist to convert some of the meat dress to jerky, but he would not be suede.

I spent a few months in Ketchikan. It's gorgeous. But what I really liked about it is it has the highest zip code in the nation.

Where, oh where, is Bigfoot when you need him?

Slim Jim on the hoof.

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