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July 25, 2011


The world beard champion.


"I have to say, `I'm up here,"' he said, pointing to his face. "Just like a girl."

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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You got a purty mouth...I think.

This reminds me of an episode of Family Guy where Peter had a family of birds living inside his beard.

Also - gross.

Ewww, can you say Brillo pad?
Actually, he might be kinda cute without all that hair.

This guy is a shoe-in for "Rasputin: The Movie."

and i'm over there --->

I tried to grow out MY beard... had trouble finding pants that fit.

Where's his armor?

*SNORK* @ Punkin

Two-time world champ and still single. Go figure?

Any blogettes volunteering for his moustache rides?

He has no artistic ability. Now General Burnside (Civil War era) had a rockin' beard!

Linky thing (someone help!)


*SMACKS* Layzee!!!!


Eil, consider it done.

I used to have a beard a bit shorter than than and a lot whiter. I sort of looked like a cross between Santa Claus and a pirate.

I trimmed it way back because it got in the way when doing martial arts. I got tired it getting yanked (mostly by me).

I, too, have a nearly white beard when I let it grow. I don't do that much since I realized that little kids were telling their mothers that "something really bad happened to Santa".

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