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July 27, 2011


A Berkeley County woman will get a jury trial for a ticket she was given by police after they say she displayed big plastic testicles on the back of her pickup truck.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)

Related Update: Judge: 'Free speech' doesn't include barking

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Well, of course. It was a girl truck. Clearly an infraction, punishable by mandatory vehicular castration.*

*Whom I saw open for the Indigo Girls.

Was she under the influence of something when she heard a gospel song ("Testify") on the radio, and mistook it for an inspiration?

Isn't it strange that if she'd had a real bull in the trailer, she'd have been all right?
Those truck nuts are distasteful, in my opinion, but "tasteful" shouldn't be a legal issue.
(My Daddy was fashion-impaired and would have gone away for life).

If the Founding Fathers had known the lengths some people would go to test their right to free speech I have a feeling it would have been worded differently. If this woman wants to dangle these from her rear view mirror or display them in her home that's her business. I just don't want to have to explain to small children in my car what they are and why she would put them there. To be honest I'm not sure I could explain why she would put them on a trailer hitch without using the word imbecile.

NC, I had to explain those things to Cletus, my oldest. He is all of four years old and recognized the general shape. All of his very insightful questions were and answered with a good ol' fashion, "I dunno."

Hang tough, baby.

RRuff, rruff. Clink.

I agree they are distasteful. Almost as digusting as an Obama bumper sticker.

She should have told them they belonged to her ex. Get a laugh. Or maybe not.

Didn't Judi already post the barking article? Will she be fired?

Wingnut, that was the best part of the Cash for Clunkers. Got 90% of those off the street.

That's a hanging offense

In the winter it is so cold nobody can actually see them.

Police Chief Franco Fuda? Really?

Is it a violation of any laws to *snork* ?

I agree with Steve on the truck nuts - they ain't my thing but don't the cops have more important things to deal with, like principals using meth in school? Sounds more like a revenue enhancer.

Speaking of taste, my sister told me to never tell your MIL a dirty joke. 'Cause then you have to explain it and, well...
(The joke in question was of VERY questionable taste and began, "How do we know God is Polish?")

A $445 ticket? Now, that's obscene!

I guess some people think I'm tasteless too. I have a bumper sticker that says, "My Yellow Lab Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student".

Belle of the balls

Do plastic testicles meet the definition of a "bumper sticker?" I sense a potential gold mine for the defense counsel.

Ya know I barked at the neighbor's dog once and he bit me.

The dog bit me not the neighbor.

Anyways ever since then I have wondered what I said that got the dog so riled up.

Down here in Texas, we get a ticket if we DON'T have those.

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