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July 28, 2011


PARIS Hilton is “very excited” to have rekindled her friendship with Lindsay Lohan.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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thrilled to have finally buried the hatchet with Lindsay

I've ofetn used "bury the hatchet" and "Lindsay" in the same sentence, but I meant something different.

Well, Paris does have the best coke...

When asked about the visit to her estranged friend, Lindsay was quoted,
I Love Paris
  I love Paris in the springtime

I love Paris in the fall.
I love Paris in the winter

when it drizzles

I love Paris in the summer

when it sizzles.
I love Paris evry moment
ev'ry moment of the year

I love Paris

oh why do I love Paris?
Because my love is near!

what on earth would they talk about - surely too busy talking about themselves! ewwwwwie............

"OMG LiLo is my BFF 4EVA:

'P Hi & LiLo' WBAGNFA reality omgTV show!!! LOL!!!"


Dumb and Dumber III

ode to paris


i'm past my time
beyond my prime
to that fact i'm resigned
yet i don’t mind
got me a ticket
on a oceanline
i sail to paris
leave it all behind

got an itch
for a girl dat's rich
let me party on her dime
da skinny white bitch

we never fight y’all
no she ain't that smart
i tell the truth y’all
coming straight from my heart
i'll be her puppydog
yeah and it’s all good
she got dat somethin –
turns flesh into wood

forget about that britney
man you must be sh1t'n me
and no to lady gagme
gotta face just like a drag queen
and dat nasty girl with lumps
(i could never get dat drunk)
put this american in paris –
you got one happy punk

i got an itch
for a girl dat's rich
let me party on her dime
da skinny white bitch

i held her hand,
and she captured my soul
and i hold her hair
when she bend over the bowl
take off in the limo
when the party get old
do it one more time
before she turn up stone cold

gots me an itch
for dat girl dat's rich
let me party all the time
da skinny white bitch

even when she barfin' she still look good


You've reminded me of a long-buried bit of dialogue:

Endora: I've come to bury the hatchet.
Darren (nervously): Where?

I'll dodder off to the bus now...

I totally <3 that 'ode to paris'!!!!

....but why are you stuffing mud into heidi klum's bus?

call my jail cell

P Hi

...& *SNORK* (omglol!) @ 'britney sh1t'n me'

After being shown an excerpt from Paris's porn video, I realized I actually owe her an apology. I once said she had no marketable job skills. She could easily make $50-$100 a night on most urban street corners.

Brilliant, mud.

I understand Paris was so excited, in fact, that she peed on the floor. Since she goes commando this was no problem.

Beastly, mud.

applauses, mud.

I'll be excited when they release 'A Night in Paris 2' featuring Lindsey Lohan.

ah, mud, how i love thee. from midnight star to this in one day. heaven.

ode to mud (ms. hilton's response)

like, omg its time
for me to make a rhyme
i <3 coke and lime
and mud baths are so fine
Mud in my hair!
Mud on me bare!

Not Dirt, Mud's the kind
I like in my behind

(NOT mud in my purse -
OMG that is a curse!)

So, yeah, like L O L
dear mud you are so swell
Mud cakes - we could make 'em!
In an oven could we bake 'em?

HOT mud on my bod
What a feeling: OhMyGod!
Rub it off, hose me down
I'll give you a little frown

Mr. Muddy
you my buddy
& you ain't no fuddy duddy

Now I'm feelin kinda woozy
Time to take a little snoozy,
Butt 1st let's get all boozy:
Time for MUD in my jacuzzi!

Eww, sandy.

thanks for the props, y'all.

I would never find joy in a photo of Paris Hilton's double chin. I am above that.

Do nopposites attract?

However, Amy Winehouse is on her s***list because she won't answer Paris' calls.

(In case you didn't know, Ms. Winehouse passed away.
Paris didn't understand.)

Doesn't Mr. Blog read the important news stories? All three publicity whores are well acquainted.

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