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July 31, 2011


U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors returned 33 Mexican soldiers on Tuesday who inadvertently crossed over the Rio Grande river into Texas, authorities said.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Key word: inadvertently. That's like being "accidentally pregnant" Last I saw (and smelled!), the Rio Grande is an actual, honest-to-goshness *river*.


Protocols? We don't need your stinkin' protocols.

Take us to your optometrist, Senor.

The border patrol saved your job, Dave. They were all from the Mexican Army Lawnmower Brigade. In fact I'm surprised the Precision Lawnmower Marching Brigade as not been infiltrated by illegals with weedwhackers and blowers.

I'm with PirateBoy. How do you inadvertently cross a river?

I don't buy "inadvertently" either. It's a big ol' bridge with customs checkpoints at each end. You'd think they'd notice when they passed the Mexican border post.

You never hear about the Canadians doing stuff like this.

Remember the freakin' Alamo, Pancho.

(Actually, in some areas the Rio Grande is not much of a river, but if they went over a bridge I'd have blamed the GPS.)


I have actually spoken to Jeff Meyerson before and you definitely know he is from New York when you speak with him. I would love to hear him speak Texan with his New York accent. Fortunately I only have a light southern accent right Jeff? Another blog guy I spoke too ONCE laughed at me for 10 mins. because I put 3 syllables in the word 'theater'. (Thee ate her)

Cindy, in college I ran into a New Yorker who was making fun of us for saying you-all, properly pronounced "y'all". However, she gave the example of addressing me by "you-all".
When I corrected her-one addresses a single person by "you" unless speaking to him as part of an identified group, she laughed and corrected me, incorrectly.
I presume Jeff is much nicer and understands civilized languages.

You inadvertently cross a river the same way I did once with some friends. Take a road and the next thing you know you're on a bridge. Took us much longer to get back into the U.S. than we spent in Mexico.

Read the comments on that story, though. This blog is the sanest place on the Net. That's because we all admit we're crazy.

Did they invade the US, or did they invade Texas?

Steve, Jeff is an exceptionally nice person and so is his wife. He was not the one who made fun of me saying theater, btw. Y'all is used when there is more than one person being spoken to unless you tell that person you would like for them and their family to come over and visit you sometime. Then you say, "Y'all come over sometime hear?" They know you're talking about them and their family. Even if their family is not present at the time. If a southerner ever says "Bless your heart" it either means we think you're a dumb@ass or we're getting ready to knock your lights out.

If you hear "Bless your lil' pea-pickin' heart," you are really a dumb@ss.

A friend once 'inadvertently' got off the train in East Berlin rather than West Berlin (major 'oops' time) back in the days when that could have been a major mistake. Fortunately, they let him out he was able to get back on the train and to the right side of the wall.

No word on whether he needed a change of underwear.

France surrendered.

cindy, speaking of accents (yours is fine, really) Jackie was once asked in Paris, "What part of Brooklyn are you from?"

She restrained herself from dumping her cafe au lait on the snotty Longuylander's head.

"Y'all" is Southern for "youse".

The problem was that the driver in the first car was trying to stop somewhere to ask for directions. If he hadn't stopped to ask for directions, there would not have been a problem.

Right, guys?

They were actually looking for a Hooters.

Actually NMUA if a woman had been sitting beside the guy in the car this wouldn't have happened.

Do you know they way home Don Jose?

"I am so lost. Where the heck is Innsbruck, Austria?" also comes to mind.

I have read that regional accents are dying out as a result of everyone having televisions. This is unfortunate. Accents give flavor.

Actually, the E.Berlin mistake was facilitated by the fact you had to come up out of the subway and walk a ways then go back underground to make some of the transfers in those days.

Addendum: I was once asked in New Jersey what part of the south I was from. (southern Wisconsin)

I'm with Steve. Accents are musical and if you listen to enough people, you can begin to pick out North Carolina from Georgia from Alabama from Kentucky... And I love the way Wisconsonites say, "bag." baaiig

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