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July 31, 2011


Snake on a Car

(Thanks to funny man)


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Kudos to Mom for Outstanding Achievement in the Distracted Driving Event.

It's not uncommon to see cars here, in the summer, with snakes wrapped around tailpipes or bumpers. I usually stop my car before screaming and going into full panic mode.

Looks like a non-poisonous fox or milk snake, or similar species. Why not just pull over and let it drop off? It probably was fatally injured hitting the pavement at 60 mph, if not run over. Still, she kept her cool. That was a good-sized snake.

Musical Interlude (to Dylan's Blowing in wind)

How many miles must an SUV travel
before we can call it a day
And how many snakes can ride on our hood
with distracting Kate?

The answer my friend, is Snaking in the wind,
the answer is Snaking in the wind.

That poor snake! It was undoubtedly terrified. The civilized thing to do would have been to just pull the car off the side of the road and let the snake escape.
I hope she's plagued by all the mice that snake would have eaten had it lived.

Steve...Poor mice! that the snake etc.

Mother Nature. She's cold.

Betsy, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Even my wife has made peace with the cow snakes that get in the basement because we have little tolerance for mice and the farm is in the middle of over 40 acres of grass (the kind cows eat).

If this happened in Texas, the window (and roof) would have many, many bullet holes.

Steve...point taken. Although I'm sorry to hear about your grass.

As are we all, Betsy, as are we all.

Snake on a pane.

Somebody had to say it.

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