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July 29, 2011


This blog just received this email:

Hi Dave

Last night Pharrell Williams celebrated the launch of his new liqueur QREAM WITH A Q by throwing a star-studded event at Miami's legendary nightclub LIV at Fountainebleau. 

It was an evening spent with close personal friends of Pharrell, celebrity guests including Fat Joe and Trina and one-of-a-kind Qream cocktails and desserts, designed just for the occasion.

Guests were treated to music DJ'd by Q-Tip and Jus Ske, who supplied the perfect soundtrack to accompany the evenings festive atmosphere.

I've attached the press release and a link to download press photos from the event, for your files.

Please let me know if you would like additional details or have any questions about Qream.


--Sonia Aneja


New York


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I understood "best".

I think I read somewhere .. Salon maybe? that "Qream" is some kind of chick drink. I'm sure you could Google it.


"We had a great party, and you weren't invited.


Please say nice things about us."

Richard the W-H is a good condenser.

i thought Eric Qlapton launched Qream

No, Sandy, Freddy Mercury did. Remember Killer Qream? That song was very popular in North Korea.

Q-ream - the next generation of Q-Tips?

What!!?? And, ditto on the "Huh?"


On the other hand, you've gotta love Fat Joe, although since losing 88 pounds he's just Moderately Chunky Joe these days.

sorry that was me. i just made all that stuff up.

"fat joe", "q-tip" (snork)

i crack myself up.

Fat Joe.

Doesn't sound like there was a keg, so who cares ?

@ pirateboy -
last word on 'men who launch CREAM'

...um, eww

...or maybe that guy with the milk bottle up his arse might've launched cream

If I got this eMail, and I were not a professional humor columnist, I would be very upset. I would probably compare it to a canned meat product Specially Produced in Austin, Minnesota.

If you call it "Cream with a Q" nobody will no, kow, or know the difference.

So that's where Dave has been! He's just posting this email to throw us off track.

Don't worry, Dave. Qream is nothing special. Tastes just like qough syrup.

How are we pronoucing Qream? Qweem?

Dave please file this post.

It's phonetiq. Sounds just like it's spelled.

I hate to say it but the article made me curious about the party. DANG YOU PR FIRM. Now that I saw this story, I have one question. Is it just me or did the party look like your high school promo? It kind of reminded me of mine only mine had more and better booze.

Cheesewiz, you just reminded me of last night's Big Bang Theory where the friend of Leonard's, who can't pronounce his r's, was singing karaoke. Funny stuff.

"Please let me know if you would like additional details or have any questions about Qream."
Maybe your question should be "How Qome I wasn't invited?"

"But somewhere in the middle it sounds awfully 'QR' to me." -- Big Bird

And only in English would the word "phonetic" not be.

Was there a queue to get in?

Elon, I'd spit it out. Who wants to swallow Qream?

Pharrell's slave name birth name was Peter, if you're interested.

I feel so...left out.
Humph. As if I'd have gone, anyway.

I feel so...left out.
Humph. As if I'd have gone, anyway.

This is as half-assed as a PR firm can get. "We had this blow-out last night, you weren't famous enough to get in, but you are famous enough to give us free publicity." I mean seriously, what the hell are these people drinking?!

Oh wait, now I get it.

I Qream, You Qream,
We all Qream for Ice Cream.

How does a beverage cater to women?

I am SO glad that I don't understand any of this. No get off my lawn before I sic my dogs on you.

Does anyone else hope that Dave or Judi posts about 20 things today so the guy with the 4 eyebrows picture rolls over to the next page? Blech!

PR work is supposed to be qreative; this is qondescending as it tries to flog this qrap. They're obviously not qoncerned with producing a cuality image.

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