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July 28, 2011


Deputies: Woman with 3-year-old boy robs bank, kid then dropped off at daycare

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Quite the interesting "Things to Do Today" list.

Pasco County is in FLORIDA, if memory serves.

1st star of 'What Not To Wear When You're Arrested /Bra Strap' photos

Duh...if she'd gone to drop him off at daycare first, they could've arrested her for having a weapon in a school zone, and she never would've made it at to the bank. Then what would she do for money?


Of course it's in Florida. When it comes to driving and parenting, we are #1!

Now that she's in jail she won't have to worry about that little addiction problem anymore.

Are the Cohen bros. working on Raising Arizona II?

Seems to me she's going to be worrying A LOT about her addiction problem, at least for the next few days.
I do give her credit for being responsible enough to stop what she was doing long enough to retrieve the kid from the parking lot. That might sound ridiculous but compared to stories of neglect we hear every day, this kid could do worse.

Saw that last week (check the date). She tried to leave him in the car, Wingnut, but he followed her into the bank.

My folks used to live just a few miles from that branch. *sigh*

Did someone ask her: "Why do you rob banks ?" I bet I'd know the reply.

I'm moving to a place just a few miles from that branch, and once I accidentally took two of my (same color and about the same size) pain pills and fell deeply asleep. How someone could get addicted to THAT is beyond me. Besides, it's embarrassing to fall asleep during a bank robbery.

Well, have you SEEN how much good day care costs?

Now, that just won't work. A three-year-old will tell on you every time.
When my grandson was three (now 4 1/2), he really thought he was going to get me in trouble by telling his mother (my daughter) that I wouldn't buy him a toy at Burger King.
Apparently, there is no higher authority than Mommy.

Rob, Run and drop @Day Care...a new topic for Dr. Phil! Or the sleazy Jerry Springer?

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