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July 29, 2011


Enrique Iglesias: I've got world's tiniest todger

(Thanks for the heads up to Loudmouth)


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sorry, i marked the one with 0 comments to delete, but typepad chose to delete the one with comments. oh well. please repost if you like! :)

Life happens sometimes. For some their life is smaller than anyone else.

It's not the size of the rabbit in the hat; it's the way the magician performs the trick.

The Worlds smallest? Just how small is small anyway? How sad.

Things I did not need to know.

plenty of girls will still be interested in his spanish fly

I wonder how he knows this? Do guys play show and tell?
Does he check out other guys in the mens room? Can you really see anything there? Of course, I'm assuming he's straight.

Actually Matt size does matter. Sorry.

The whole episode seems pretty tame considering the way celebrities behave these days.

TMI, dude.

We. Do. Not. Need. To. Know.

Ick... Boys comparing chests... Just ICK!

Ironically it takes a big man to admit such in front of a crowd.

Enrigue, stop bragging!

Obviously he wants a lot of attention for his exhibitions.

If this was was really true, he wouldn't even mention ut!!!!!!!! I don't think any man would.

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