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July 21, 2011


There she was, the Mother of God, hanging out in the Burrells' shower.

(Thanks to Ralph K., who adds piously, "Hail Mary, full of grout.")


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Sorry I don't have my Mother-of-God glasses on today, I can't see it.

Nope. Looks like the face of EEEEVIILLL.

yeah i used to smoke pot too...

Looks just like her, or maybe like her.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

But what would the Virgin Mary be doing in their shower? On their tile, no less.

These people are using a tainted bong or pipe, if ya ask me.

Ralph K., excellent. It's also beautiful in the original Latin:

Ave Maria, groutia plena, Dominus talcum, Alberto VO5.

I can't see it either and I'm Catholic!

Do they sell products to get rid of Holy water stains?

Exsponge your sins!

Kind of puts a damper on having "fun" with your sweetie in the shower with the BVM watching.

"He sees things that a lot of people don't see"

= key quote

P.S. But I hear CLR will dissolve the scales from your eyes...

“He sees things that a lot of people don't see,” she said. “He has an imagination.”

He's been into the stash again... Oklahomans.. yessh!

In the tile next to it, I see a part of the male anatomy.

Looks to me like she is pointing and laughing.

I think it looks like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

I suppose I shouldn't say that. Now, people will be seeing images of Elvira everywhere.

Have a little respect for the mother of our saviour and CLEAN YOUR FRIGGIN SHOWER FLOOR

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