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July 18, 2011


Then we went to a pond, where Robert sat in the weeds and put pond muck in his hair while Uncle Joe and I tried to bait the hook with a living breathing thinking feeling caring earthworm. This is a very difficult thing, emotionally, and not just for the earthworm.

p.s. Last week, we neglected to post this vintage column about the fact that, in 1990, the public hated politicians. Incredibly, this column is just as true humorous today as it was then.


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Who was it who said, "Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose"?

Whoever it was, I'm sure France surrendered.

We have no qualms about putting politicians on a hook.

Exactly, Jeff. It's amazing how easily you could just substitute "Obama" for "Bush" in the second column and rerun the rest of it as fresh commentary. And that's actually pretty damn depressing -- or hilarious -- depending on your perspective. Or both if you're bipolar.

Great columns again, as usual. Timeless.

You could substitute almost any President's name. I remember a Reagan Cabinet officer complaining about the huge cut in his budget. The "cut" was a decrease in the original increase he was seeking over the previous year. He got more money but not as much as he'd asked for. This is a "cut" in politics.

Dave, I love this column. My dad took me fishing one time when I was little and I cried when I saw them spearing the worms. I don't remember him or any of my uncles catching anything. They probably did but didn't show me.

I didn't see the second link until after I posted my previous remark. I think the big question for Dave, regarding the second link, is what was wrong with his car? I just put a new engine in my car and when I went to drive it I noticed the transmission wasn't exactly the way I remembered. If you put it in neutral it would go in reverse. If you put it in reverse it would go into park! I never figured out where drive was. It's an automatic transmission. The mechanic told me I would get use to it. I started handling a tire iron in a slightly aggressive and threatening manner and he is now fixing the transmission. I've dealt with that all day so thank you blog, Dave, and Judi for helping me to smile. If you will show me some politicians I could probably straighten them out also.

You go, nursecindy. Handling a tire iron in a "slightly aggressive and threatening manner" works every time.

I love it - "you'll get used to it."

You should have told him he'd get used to wearing your tire iron around his neck.

Nursecindy deserves a beer. Her mechanic deserves a few good whacks with a tire iron.

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