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July 31, 2011


Cornflake the clown was recently banished from New Zealand's magic community and threatened with legal action after he gave one of his proteges the Cornflake's Magical World Grand Master of Magic award.

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Krazy Kiwi Klowns. Half their country is being rattled by earthquakes and they're fighting amonst themselves. shoud put their magic wands back in their pants and try to help out with the disaster.

To quote the (very old) Jack in the Box commercial:
Waste the Clown!

Clarification: Cornflake is not running for the US presidency, despite his obvious qualifications.

Klowns give me the Kreeps.

Who do I hate more? Over-pompous magicians or clowns? Arrgh, can't decide. We'll need Bonmot's legal verdict here.

Some clowns are cool.

I'll take a clown or a magician any day over a mime.

Annie, that's a whole bunch of bull!

Marcel Marceau [There's no x is his name? I feel like there should be.] did have that one funny line in Silent Movie, but yes over all, mimes are incredibly creepy.

Send him to Washington. He'll be in good company.

Cornflake the cereal killer Clown. Natural CSI script.

Speaking of mimes, as the old question goes, when you shoot one, are you required to use a silencer?

Pirateboy, that's my friend in the blonde wig...and "snork" @ Loudmouth.

Rodeo clowns serve a serious purpose. If a rider falls and is in danger, one of their jobs is to help distract the animal. No bull. Not quite like a neighborhood birthday party. Props to your friend, Annie.

Thanks, TaTDMouSL. I will tell him you said that. btw - that photo was from Friday night.

I tried to ride like a cowboy once. My friends said to get off my high-horse.

Sadly, I kept getting splinters from the stick.

Sorry, just sewing some wild oats out here ;)

Cornflake uses magic and gives awards? Sounds like
Congress this weekend....and fails to focus on any
unification or long term solution.

I hate clowns, whether in makeup or DC.

Wish I was a kiwi Kornflake
Voting gold from home Takanini...

FWIW, I found the Jack in the Box commercial.

Anyway, I say give the clown a break. Just imagine what would've happened if the first cool award name that popped into his head was "Grand Wizard."

So the charge is giving magic a bad name?

From the headline, I just thought he gave him the fingah...

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