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July 28, 2011


Blood and Tissue Spatter Associated with Chainsaw Dismemberment

(Thanks to Chris Knight)


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Oh! You're supposed to hold the saw blade PARALLEL to the ground! If I had a dollar for every time I've done that wrong...

CSI: Ack

I saw them open for Talking Heads back when they were associated with Exit Wound.


Oh it's a book. I thought it was a headline - and a painfully obvious one at that.

I really don't want to know what Chris was looking for when he found this, but certain law enforcement personnel might.

I hesitate to ask how often this situation comes up.

I prefer lighter reading. Like maybe a good Stephen King novel.

At one point I was thinking about doing forensic chemistry. For some reason, I quickly switched to the non-forensic kind.

You don't want to know, Steve. Just don't even think of asking.

It really cuts down on the splatter if you freeze 'em first.

I hear.


Hey, you want splatter, blood and dismemberment?

That's what TV's for.

(At least CBS seems to think so. Majority of their shows are graphically violent.)

Cool, I need something to read while I'm waiting for the new season of "Dexter" to come out on CD.

An electric chainsaw? That's for suburban wannabes. MORE POWER!

The follow up best seller is "Woodchipper Corpse Reconstruction: The Jigsaw of Life"

Uh-oh. The spammer finds this useful...

Perhaps someone could take a chainsaw to the spammer.

Judi took that spammer and booted it.

Is this Dave and Ridley's latest offering?

Part of the Hanibal Lector cooking series.

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