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July 04, 2011



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Our state nickname is The Tarheel State and we love NASCAR!! So where does that put N.C. in the state intelligence rankings? Evidently at one time North Carolina shipped a lot of tar and pitch to England, which is how Ireland and Scotland were made, and that's how we got this nickname. As a result we now yell "Go Heels!" at important basketball games.

Hoosier is an old word meaning Redneck that is still used as an insult in St Louis.

Hoosier daddy?

I thought a Hoosier was a native of the hoosegow.

All Indiana has to do is point to their neighbor to the west and say "Compared to Illinois we are the nuclear physicists of the lower 48."

57 states, dontcha know.

WVA where men are men and the sheep are worried.

This Hoosier is going back to Floriduh... I tried, but I can't influence them.

2006-07 rankings put Floriduh at #29. Which is gooder, right?

Miami and Orlando made the top 10 Dangerous Cities List. No wonder the FWM is working overtime - it's the land of dumb crooks.

When my wife and I were on our honeymoon, back in the middle ages, we kept passing Indiana cars with the motto: Wander Indiana. I even asked the driver of one if there was a huge Wander County in Indiana? "No".
It brought to mind dazed, bovine-like Indianianananans (stop me before I hurt someone!) wandering around the landscape looking for home.
On the other hand, I grew up in Kentucky, motto "Hold my beer and watch this!", so what do I know?

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