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July 27, 2011


The World's Largest Men's Underpants have gone missing.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The Mysterious Underwear Gnomes WBAGNFARB

Shouldn't we be looking for the World's Largest Naked Man?

We're gonna need a bigger @ss.

cindy, isn't that what you've been doing all along?

Define 'Largest' Layzeeboy.

Little known fact: the museum also claims to have the worlds largest racing stripe

Unfortunately, the "racing stripe" was housed in the underpants!

Reminds me of the ballad of Joe McClock. He had a quirky anatomical feature, and searched for years for a woman who could deal with it. He found her, but died tragically.

Maybe the woman with the truck testicles borrowed them as a coverup so her truck wouldn't get busted again?

Make a heck of a sight, a truck driving around with a big ol' pair of tighty whities covering its, ahem, cargo area.

All is not lost; it means the world's largest skid marks are gone too.

If they were tighty whities they should begin their search in the basement.

Anyone seen Michael Moore lately?

Found them!

In related news, China announced a new addition to its navy - a vessel using only one very large sail, elasticized to capture the wind. It is called "Operation Froot of Loom."

Oh sorry, it was laundry day and I had nothing clean at home.

The thief can't sell them. They aren't legal briefs.

*snork* a JSG

They ended up where all missing property goes -- on eBay.

I get this size at $10.00/pair at K-Mart. $12 if you get the factory-applied skid marks.

I've seen those things live and in person. No, NOT in my dresser - right on the wall of the museum. :P

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