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July 31, 2011


John Chervokas, an advertising man and wordsmith who was credited with introducing a toilet paper slogan into popular culture with his Please Don’t Squeeze the Charmin campaign, has died at age 74.


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Leaving us only with the person who came up with the bears and the bits of clinging paper.

Rest in pieces.

I was a kid when that commercial first came out and I thought it was irritating. However, considering some of the commercials we have now I would welcome it back with open arms. In my opinion the most irritating commercial now is the guy in the Progressive Insurance commercials who is sitting in the hair salon with the hair dryer. I always mute the TV when that one comes on. The Zoosk ads run a very close second.

"...Chervokas was elected town supervisor of Ossining, N.Y., in 1997 and re-elected five times." I bet they don't use Charmin in Sing-Sing.

I mute the Progressive ads anyway, since that twit girl with the weird hairstyle is so irritating.

I also mute anything that has to do with personal issues of the female or male type.

Rest in peace.

Worse even, were those black and white Hardees commercials that tried to make eating a hamburger sound philosophical, equaled by the Burger King commercials featuring some guy in an idiotic mask. The Charmin commercials? Pfft.

But the stupidest ads ever were "public service" ads run by IBM featuring a pensive teen and a discussion of how hard it is to "just say no" to drugs. Guess what, Snookums, wait'll you see what the rest of life throws at you. We know it's hard. We don't care. Do it anyway.

Oh, IBM's contribution? You'll never guess. A computer program. Presumably DOS-based.

I hate the Bosch ad where that brat yells at his parents about geothermal energy! HELLO! You should go back to school...

SMACK! How is that for geothermal!

Also the ad where the woman, for some odd reason, is driving a pig home.

It's easy to see that this degenerated into an "I hate this commercial because" thread.
My personal favorite "hate" for the Charmin commercials was the one (more?) where the message kept skipping, so Mr. Whipple goes over to hit the TAPE PLAYER.
Hey, Whipple, stick that tape player up yer a$$ and see if Charmin helps!
Ooh, that felt good.
Now for political commercials...

Dave should write a book. Maybe call it "Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Commercials".

Right on, Cindy!

My twisted version: she drives him to a bar-b-que,
and he says: this isn't home, whereas she says
"Yes, but they're throwing dinner in your honor-and
you're it!"

Talk about squealing!

I hate annoying ads, but my most despised is this local idiot who is try to always sell siding made
of aluminum, plastic, mystery glue, paint and whatnot.

Rather than develop a good rep by word of mouth, he
constantly runs HIS mouth and is always having 20% off and I've wish we could legally put some siding up his...well, at least around his mouth!

I don't have a television in this new Grad School Apartment. Now I feel totally lost. I have never seen any of those ads. But I do remember one "Freehold Jeep" back when I was a kid.

The Chervokas legacy, writ in stone. Or possibly on T.P.

The worst can recall:

3. The Burger King "King", or the Subservient Chicken

2. Anything from "Sit and Sleep". Just kill Larry, and get it over with. Note: This may be an LA area store, so here's a taste of what we go through on TV and radio, every single day! Annoying Mattress Commercials

1. Zack, the "Lego Maniac". I bet he was beat up by the other kids during recess. Heck, I'd pay a kid to beat him up! Zack

Man, PirateBoy. That mattress dude is truly annoying. Maybe not having a TV is for the best.

Oh, I remember him. Too bad.

cindy, a question: what is Zoosk? Never heard of it or saw the ad.

I always hated the CHarmin ads because they made women look like morons. They would all run into the supermarket - if you check back they didn't even have a purse with them - just to squeeze (never buy) the Charmin.

I mean, WTFBBQ?

Any Progressive ad is annoying; don't recognize the one you mentioned. The ones I hate: the "ask your doctor" ads. My favorite of them is the pill you're supposed to take for depression whose side effects include (wait for it)... increased thoughts of suicide!


I like a lot of the GEICO ads (and believe me there are thousands) but the one with the pig squealing is really bad.

Flashback to 1969 or so...

"Hi, guy! Bet you didn't expect to find me inside of your medicine cabinet."


If you haven't seen this, you're not the time-wasting bunch I take you for and I'm very disappointed. But just in case, you haven't, a really obnoxious commercial gets what's coming to it.

While looking at (Steve, Not Steve)'s link, I came across one I hadn't seen before: Viagra Commercial

Warning: Both creepy and funny!

Cuba Gooding, Jr. for C!alis is my personal favorite.


Cindy, around these parts, they have the same idea, but with a fat guy holding a toy guitar, pretending it's real and lip syncing some stupid song. He doesn't even move his fingers on the neck, and he should die!!!

i can't believe I hate the whole thing.

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