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July 28, 2011


Fugitive taunts cops on Facebook "catch me if you can" before they find him in Brooklyn apartment

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I wonder if he will put his mug shot up as his profile picture.

Nice shirt idiot. I hope the cops said "Gotcha!" when they caught him. I'm sure everyone had a good laugh.

From the sidebar "What is it with NFL players and Playboy bunnies?"

The answer, of course, is "highly stimulating intellectual discussions."


Darwin Award nominee.


another reason I love this blog. It is so nice to know there are people actually dumber than I have been at times in my storied life. hahah

a wonderful addition to the 'What-Not-to-Wear-when-ur-arrested' t-shirt gallery

I still think he should have gone with this shirt.

I meant the fourth one down. But the others are good too.

Good fashion choice Jeff.

Jeff's flustered. I guess he's still excited that Tila Tequila is moving to New York.

He's been tagged.

Guess the cops answered his question. Yes we can, numbnuts

Leonardo DiCaprio he ain't.

Dear Facebook Police,

I dare you to come to New Zealand and bring me millions of dollars. Bales or bags are both OK. Come before the default, thanks.

P.S. We will provide free NZ t-shirts.



Jeff - the one that says "Never been a b!tch" - do you suppose the next line says, "...yet"?

Captain Kangaroo? Oh, the shame of it....

(yes I'm an old geezer..)

Told ya I was old, and slow...

The above comment was meant for a different posting.
Sorry. Geezeritis.

As for this article, here is the correct comment from

would make a great movie, as Jeff is apt to say, starring Nicholas Cage....

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