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July 27, 2011


Tila Tequila ditching Los Angeles and moving to New York: I want to 'fall in love' and 'have babies'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, a thrilled New Yorker)


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I blame Gov. Cuomo. That new same sex marriage law does have its drawbacks after all.

Yeah, I can see how living in L.A. would consume her.

I've never heard of her. Jeff if you get too thrilled I'm going to tell your lovely wife Jackie.

Does this mean that she will soon be changing her name to Deeray Manhattan?

Okay, okay. Just one more possible headline:

Tequila Intoxicated With Manhattans

cindy, I'm afraid Jackie would be more to her liking that I would IYKWIM.


Sometimes I think she's attractive.
Then I put on my glasses.

She wants to have babies? What species?


My friend in Texas said we got the better of the deal, as we get Tila and he gets Glenn Beck.

One down, so many more to go. And I do mean GO.

I just want to meet new friends, fall in love, get married, have babies, and call it a day!

Then on Friday...

The "babies" will emerge from her chest, just like in the movie "Alien". Then, if we are very, very lucky, there won't be a sequel.

yeah i never heard of her either. now get off my lawn.

I, for one, am thankful she didn't pick Miami.

Jeff, that must have been some kinda crazy swap meet.

who is she? a reality show bimbo? singer? what? why should i care anyway?

When polygamy next arrives, I see her have a reality show with 10 different husbands and 10 different wives. NTTAWWT.

spamiski alertik

Exactly, Steve. I can actually understand the fascination with Kim Kardashian. Her, not so much.

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