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July 27, 2011


This one's for the ladies.
Combining two of the s.b.'s main interests in life (men in kilts and barbershop; duh), we bring you the lads of Vocal Spectrum:
VS in kilts

(Posted with the permission of Eric, 2nd from left, who is currently out of range of the other three.)


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Thank you judi!!!!
Eric - gird them loins, baybee!

It's about time there was something posted for us blog ladies. Very nice.

At least the ladies know not to be caught wearing identical dresses.

The RBR back up singers?

Steve is just jealous because he can't accessorize.

ayee and mighty fine they be.

keep up the good work, judi

At first I thought it was a picture of (from left to right) djtonyb, Martini Shark, Loudmouth, and Mitch Albom or possibly Padraig.

well done, judi!!!

Haven't been around for awhile, but I thought I'd share this-

I'll take "Dodo Birds" for 100, Alex...

Answer: This 71 year old geezer and popular game show host snapped his achilles tendon as he raced after a burglar.

Question: Who is Alex Trebek?

I'm a lady and I'll pass, thanks. I prefer doo-wop.

It's nice to see OC Dolphin back!

thx, n/c.

So true, Annie.

Hey, as long as they're not allowed to use bagpipes, I'm ok with it.

KILTS!! and Men!! Men in Kilts!!

That. is. all. Well done, judi!

Best singing group I've heard in a long time. The post led me to their albums. LOVE IT!

OOH! New Screen Saver!

Harmonious Choral Cross-dressers

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