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July 11, 2011


Like cigarettes and alcohol, sippy cups may soon be required to carry a warning label in New York state. The danger? Childhood tooth decay.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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What about second hand death from sippy cups? A baby get tooth decay and cries in pain so much that all the people around find buildings to jump off of or trains to lay down in front of. Yet except for far sighted New York no one has addressed this dangerous issue.

Has the baby literacy rate been climbing?

dont those teeth fall out anyhow?

You'd think the little darlings were eating them and dying of plastic crap colic.

I think that everything, including our private parts, should come with two warnings:
"You're going to die someday".
And, "Take everything with a grain of salt-WARNING: POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE DEATH FROM SALT."

Does this mean I should stop giving my kids flaming shooter nightcaps in their sippy cups?

warning: repeated attempts to micromanage other's lives may result in death by strangulation.

(sorry, i'm a little grumpy today)

No responsible parent would put their kid to bed with a sippy cup...... just sayin'

Oh wait, I did say 'responsible'.......

I can't help but wonder, what important legislation they are not working on because of this crap.

I bought a baby gift a few months ago and decided to do some research as to what today's modern baby really needs. Evidently the big scare is BPA. Everything is labeled BPA free! I'm not sure what BPA is however. Most babies I'm acquainted with don't actually drink out of their sippy cups. Instead they like to turn them upside down and watch their juice drip out of it onto your new carpet. I say ban babies with sippy cups! btw, babies with sippy cups wbagnfarb.

Exactly why we should breast feed for life.

You first, Layzee. Oh, did you mean on the receiving end?

Layzeeboy: Exactly why we should breast feed for life.

Too late; that's already been called "child abuse". Apparently by jealous guys who can't get girlfriends.

In 2060, they'll be legislating which way to wipe your ass...

More warnings.

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