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July 28, 2011


Please cover your eyes. 

(Thanks to Craig Roberts, IndianaGirl and Dave M)


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Glad to see the blog's screening policy is still in place.


I'm blind, Dave!

Meh. I've seen worse on People of Walmart dot com.

Although she ranks right up there....

'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'...


Wow, when you look so bad that even Walmart chases you away, you've pretty much hit the bottom of the barrel.

I saw a young lady (ha!) asked to leave Walmart a few weeks ago. She had on a nice white t-shirt. Unfortunately she forgot to put on her pants. Even Walmart has their limits I guess. She still doesn't beat the lady in the very, very short shorts my daughter saw in a local grocery store the other day. The shorts wouldn't have been so bad but she had a catheter in. AND she was carrying the bag in her hand. My daughter begged me to poke her eyes out.

What is it?

Clearly this shopper needs to switch to the dollar store, where you don't need to get "all dressed up"

Someone expressed surprise that Walmart has a dress code. Of course they do!

Someone's "fashion statement" would be better if it had remained silent.

My eyes! I can see but feels like someone sprayed vinegar in them!

double snork @sandy! And Jeff!

If Jerry (Curly) Howard were alive and "punk" today... this is the look...

Lady GaGa is sooo jealous.

" Fashion forward " doesn't quite cover it.

I went to Wal-Mart today fully dressed in normal clothes. No wonder they looked at me funny!

If she had to "throw on" those clothes, was she naked at home? (Even closing your eyes can't block THAT mental image!)

< McMillin said that is not good enough and that she will never shop at Walmart again. >

Um, I think that was the idea...

Did anyone else but me think she looks a lot like Paul "Late Night with David Letterman" Shaffer, if Paul wears a bikini?

(And who am I to say he doesn't?)

Suits him just fine?

But if any one of you starts singing Cisco's (The musician, not the router company) "The thong song", then I am so out of here!

she had TAN LINES! Not the ones on the arms she totally stole from a drunken hell's angel, but around her bikini top! This means she walks around in THAT often enough to get tan lines! Actually, you should see some of the stuff cruising around Walmart in Anchorage. No wonder everybody drinks up here! It's the only way they can procreate! Which says a lot for prohibition.....

If you don't like the way someone looks, don't look at them.

Um, okay.


Your comment reminded me of this:


Um... (trying so hard to be politically correct) that's a woman, only because she bought her hormones. And I can say that because my niece is becoming my nephew... I really do love myself! I came in with all my natural god-given parts and I'm going out with them...

Sigh... why is it ALWAYS Eugene?

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