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July 30, 2011




(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Bad marketing. Have they tried the local skin-heads? She could become an object of veneration.

Awwwwww...wish I could adopt this kitteh, I think she's adorable.

I agree with maggie. Too cute!

Herr Ball?

Is it just me, or does kitty (kitler) have blood on her paw(s)?

Be careful, she'll start the Tabby Socialists
(Tazi's) and history may repeat itself--albeit in the
animal world.

Is she doing the "salute" or simply the "talk to the paw(hand)" that young people do?

"Seig Purr! Seig Kitler" --watch out for these!!!

Just keep her away from Pussolini.

There's a new pet store chain in Germany, Tails of the 3rd Reich

Jawohl mein Furrer!

Kittens are sweet but they ALL grow up to be despots. That said, I wish the shelter were a bit closer.

No Friskies for you!

I saw that this morning. Not a cat person but this one is pretty cute - and there is no resemblance to Der Fuhrer.

It looks more like Charlie Chaplin.

Ralph - I thought so too.

these cats have a following:

As Groucho might say "But catnip drives her WILD!"

(raises eyebrows several times)

She's so cute.

Cats want to take over the world.

I've seen LOTS of dogs that were dead-ringers for Pat Robertson.
Wait, maybe I've got that backwards.

Definitely, Pat Robertson look like the back end of a dog.

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