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July 24, 2011


Study: 19 percent of people drop phones down toilet


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Pretty close, Mikey.

Anyone stupid - and annoying - enough to have a phone conversation while sitting on the cr@pper deserves whatever they get.

Then they shouldn't be texting one-handed while peeing. Duh.

I've never done this but I did wash my cellphone in the washing machine once. They are not machine washable, btw.


So I shouldn't touch the cell phone of any GUY for this reason, right?


Did it make any calls while in the spin cycle?


As long as it wasn't used of toilet tissue...

Basically, 19 percent of people are idiots.

*still uses a 'dumb' phone*

There's crap for that.

It's called a memory dump. And please don't squeeze the Garmin.

My wife has made the mistake of handing me the phone when I only have my right hand free. That hand must have a huge hole in the center.
Never dropped a phone in the terlet. A mud-hole, yes.
Different type of mud-hole.

NC, everyone knows they are dry-clean only.

Better the losers talk while they're on the john than while they're driving.

Mikey, I think it tried to call the "Can you hear me now?" guy. Buford that's true but now I just check my pockets before throwing clothes into the wash. I don't buy anything with 'Dry Clean Only' written on the tag. o/t but I would like any blog person's opinion. I've been watching Suspense Sunday all day and I've noticed that when a woman finds a dead body she screams at the top of her lungs. But the men don't. Aren't they scared too?

Men are probably saying to the women, "No YOU go in there and holler if you see anything."

On a serious note, when I've been startled or in serious danger (the guy has a gun pointed at me), my first instinct is to freeze until I've evaluated the situation. (I can't dodge bullets, not being a movie star).
If it's a car situation, I continue on course or change to avoid danger.
Again, in a car situation, my wife gives a high-pitched scream in my ear to alert me that something is up.
That strategy is amazingly helpful, as you can well imagine.

Since I got a cell phone I've noticed that at least 80% of my incoming calls occur when I'm otherwise occupied, which is why I started leaving my phone at my desk during potty breaks.

And there's always a voice mail waiting for me when I get back...

Cindy, the only dead body I've seen lately was a mole that was brought to my attention by my alert cat who was hollering at the back door. I was startled. My daughter and I used flashlights to spotlight the beast while praising the cat for his ferociousness. I screamed when he tried to bring it inside.

I keep my cell phone in my skirt pocket
sometimes when I sit down the phone falls out
so far I've been lucky enough to catch it in time or it falls on the floor
'nuff said

If you have a large party, this can't happen.

Reason? A full house beats a flush, every time.

nc - guys are usually too frightened to make a noise. And fyi - I once washed my son's cell phone (left in his pocket) and it was fine.

I'm gonna guess/hope most of the cell loo offenders were not making calls or texting, butt had their phones in their pockets when they descended to their thrones. I am speaking from experience - someone else's.

cindy and Steve, I agree with you. My wife doesn't drive but she thinks it's helpful to test my reflexes by screaming "Look Out!" in my ear without warning.

It's not.

my college age daughter was using her phone as an alarm clock. it rang and she woke up, picked up the phone, turned off the alarm and then dropped the phone into a cup of coffee that her roomate had left for her next to the bed...

that takes special talent.

oh yes, all three of my darling progeny have recently killed their phones and are now using old phones that my wife had stashed in a drawer for such an occasion as this ^.

Hmm... so I could take the drawer of mangled cell phones, insert alarm clocks and place them all over my son's college dorm room.

My youngest recently dropped her cell phone into a glass of water. Talent?? No. Aim? Yes!

yes, it's the precision that impresses.

Mine fell in because it was on a belt clamp. I naturally unbuckle my belt in the john. I no longer clamp it to my belt.

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