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July 29, 2011


Digital Nipples Used to Fake Sex Scene

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Maybe that is what happened to Weiner's weiner?

...so they're fictitious?

Wouldn't mind getting my digits on them.

The nipples were fake. Big deal. So was the sex.

They opened for Madonna in '87.

Thank you, Jeff. It was about time somebody noticed...

Oh, to be able to choose from 1-7 which nipples I want... Can I get my boobs CGI'ed too?

I have digital fingers.

Before passing judgement on quality, I'd insist on performing a hands-on comparison test.

The things I do for this blog.....

When you think about it everthing you see on the screen now is just digits? Unless it is old fashioned film. I am getting a headache trying to think what that all means. No picture now is a picture, it is a bunch of digits. oww. my head

digital or not, i wanna see pictures! where's the pictures?

Some headlines you don't even want to click on.

PirateBoy is such an unselfish giver.

I think we should sue for false advertising. Maybe we can substitute a digital President and Congress for the real one.

For the blog guys: (.)(.) There. Digital nipples. Go crazy.

Nice ones NC

"The candy-coated lug nuts on Cupid's Pink Corvette".

Tom Robbins

Mmmmmm... I'd like to CGI her naked, too.

Try to imagine the nerd posse who were put in charge of the digital imaging. Then again, don't.

"I appeared to be naked ... because they CGI'd me naked."

Can't Get Inough?
I'll CGI you naked, and raise you 2 megapixels.

That is one spoodgey basement you don't want to find, Sharkie.

Maybe Enrique Iglesias could use some digital enhancement.

It would take Lord of the Rings' size computers to give Rose digital teats. Whoa.

I'll wait 'til they show it on Nippleodeon.

Will she be nominated for breast actress?

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