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June 12, 2011


KFC Helps Fight Diabetes With Mega Jug Sized Pepsi

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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I cannot believe this isn't from The Onion.

Guin, this is nothing compared to what's been going on for the last couple of summers here in Austin at Wendy's.

I, personally, am doing my part to support Wendy's in their quest to cure juvenile diabetes. We've already had 7 days over 100 degrees here. Another Frosty, please!

As a Type I Diabetic I sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness and support of Wendy's and KFC. Now if they would just quit trying to kill us. I don't eat at either of these places because my blood sugar shoots up when I just pass by them in the car. I also don't eat at Hardees aka Carl's Junior which is home of the super mega quadruple patty burger. Their motto is: Bring your own cardiologist and get a free order of large fries!

And let's hear it for that double fried chicken, cheese and bacon sandwich. I don't know if they have Dr. Pepper, but they could call it the DPee Jug for that promotion.

Cindy, I'm not sure what I have. It was described by one doctor as "reactive hypoglycemia". Anyway, when I eat sugar (rice, potatoes, etc.) my blood sugar goes way up (354 was my personal best), then drops three hours later. I've wound up on the floor (bs level 28).
It's one reason I no longer imbibe. I'm afraid to mask the symptoms.
I've learned to control it by not eating sugar, etc.
I also avoid KFC, Wendy's, and the others.
Health. Plus the fact that most fast food tastes like crap.

By the way, at [name withheld by request] you can eat the Mega Sandwich, 1500 calories, and they will not
pay any of your medical bills.

You can look this up in the series of books by David
Zinczenko, "EAT THIS, NOT THAT" and "DRINK THIS NOT THAT". Click here for help making healthier choices.

That's just gross. Who in their right mind would need a mega jug.

Totally appropriate!

I understand Kirstie Alley is the new spokes-guzzler.

funny man, I've read the book and checked out the website. It's definitely eye opening.

In New York many people critize the Mayor for making all chain restaurants post the calorie count of all items but for those of us who want to live who want to know it's very useful.

No one forces you to read the calorie count or order healthy meals.

I can always tell when it's time for me to go back to the grocery store. All the good stuff is gone and I only have healthy food left. Lean meat, vegetables and whole grains. Yuck. I want pizza, M&M's, and ice-cream!

Steve, it sounds like you may be Insulin Resistant. Watching your sugar is good but watch your carbohydrate intake closer. For every carb you eat try to balance it out with a protein. Just a suggestion.

Cindy, thanks. I've talked this over with doctors but since my sugar used to go WAY up then go WAY down, my A1C was only mildly elevated. On average, I was pretty good. Trouble was, when you can't drive because of the shakes, it is an issue. (Also, DO NOT have the shakes in front of a police officer.)
Since I cut out sugar, my low sugar events happen, maybe, once every 3-4 months instead of every day.
I feel a lot better.

Or, of course, you can fill up the entire jug with unsweetened tea.

It does contain a few calories (19, according to Wolfram|Alpha), but no sugar corn sugar high-fructose corn syrup!

But then, that would be cheating.

jeff: that was my FAVORITE thing about philadelphia ;) only panera bread does that in Florida at this point (that i know of) and i have written to them to tell them how much i love it and have patronized them regularly since i found out (and i almost NEVER eat at any fast food places :) )

Most of the places here post their calorie content. So if you're ever in a restaurant in North Carolina and wonder why every one is ordering with their eyes closed, that's why. If you can't see the calories, they don't count. Judi, I love Panera bread. Especially their muffins. Also their braided bread, soups, sandwiches, etc.

While forging through the nanny tone of this piece I was struck by this phrase:

an entire half-gallon

So while hectoring me in an authoratative tone they actually referred to a complete fraction.

That is completely half-@ssed. The caffeine content alone would put me on the ceiling for days.

And we know junior diabetes has not been linked to sugar intake. Butt still, I'd like the 'fat tax' to take the edge off our medical bills.

Call me when beer is in the Mega Jug.

Call me when Hooters offers the Mega Jugs. For a good cause, of course.

They are finally about to open the first Panera Bread in Brooklyn soon.

omg it's a crisis it's genocide it's haliburton and dick cheney's fault and their dying in the streets by the thousands and won't somebody think of the children?

Steve - one of my kiddos is type I. Get a medical ID bracelet. We were told that the bracelet is better than a card in the wallet or necklace. In case you get pulled over by a cop and get handcuffed, they will notice the medical ID on your wrist and take notice. That way, the symptoms of high or low BG that make a person look, sound, and behave like someone under the influence will allow them to get proper medical attention.

mud - > smooch <

Thanks, motw. I don't have the reactions too often now that I've quit sugar. But I've fallen flat on my back right in my living room and once had to scarf down a bunch of Reeses cups and lay down in the seat of my car because I could no longer sit up. Hoping a cop wouldn't stop because there was no way I could explain myself.
Reeses were the worst thing to have to give up.
You can buy sugar free peanut butter cups but they have sugar alcohols in them. More than about two at a time can make you unpopular.

I gave up all fast food a few months ago, and lost 8 pounds without even trying. And my 19-year old son, who kept getting thinner and thinner, finally fell out of bed with a BS of 600 last month. (He lives in FL with his idiot father, who said, "oh, he's fine" whenever I asked.) Now he is counting carbs and suffering with neuralgia in his feet. He's gotten very depressed (who wouldn't at 19?) so now he takes more meds than *I* do! Thanks for the info Steve and nursecindy!

This is NOT anything to take lightly! The World's Prettiest Grand-daughter - now 13 - collapsed in my arms in a Type 1 diabetic sugar imbalance when she was 3. We had the cookie decoration sugar squeezer and boxed juice ready. She doesn't remember it. I still do in very bad dreams. Better than that, she'll teach you about Type 1 Diabetes in a CPR/First Aid Class.
eil, best wishes to your son

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