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June 28, 2011


The highlight, without doubt, is 68-year-old Zhou thwacking his nuts, first with a weight, then with a hammer.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Shoddy journalism. No video of the thwacking.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

As they used to shout in the ski lift lines, "Single!"

Has he lost his mind?
Has all that thwacking made him blind?
Did he break it off,
Brings new meaning to 'turn your head and cough'.

Is he alive or dead?
Why his scrotum, not his head?
We'll just watch him there
I bet he'd lose on 'Truth or Dare'.

His package must be steel
Keep him far from magnetic fields
When he yelled this time
It was obvious, he's lost his mind.

Nobody dates him
He just stares at his pants
Planning his next act
Appearing on "Do you think you can dance?"

Now the time is here
for Iron Crotch to spread fear
Vengeance from the pants
Also quite obvious, he can't dance.

Nobody hates him
As he drops to his knees
Nobody dates him,
But we don't speak Chinese....

Heavy hits of lead
fills his gonads full of dread
Another career goes down the drain
Iron Crotch, he feels no pain!

iron crotch gong WBAGNFARB

nc, there is a video, did you miss the link?

He did the thwacking fully clothed, so as to not offend. But one female "judge" screamed and he was
"cut". That's showbiz.

Somehow I expect this to become a joke on Letterman...

Another funny part...

Susan Boyle will attend the July opening new season of
"China's Got Talent."

Is she going to be a judge, celebrity guest or contestant?

Very curious...

Let me rephrase that. Shoddy journalism. No video I'm willing to watch. The worst 'thwacking' I've ever seen was a young guy that came into the ER after falling off a roof and straddling a sawhorse on the ground. I gave him morphine and he said I was beautiful and would I marry him. That was rather ironic because he was getting married the next day. I have a feeling their honeymoon wasn't what they hoped.

No dice.


a 'ball peen' hammer.


Worst 'thwacking' I've ever seen was in 86 when I was in the Army. A guy climbing a telephone pole when the gaffs (spikes strapped to the feet) came out and he slammed into the pole. Then slid down it.

We called dustoff.

They sent a chopper.

Cindy, I couldn't watch the video, either. I do bet he's single.
And, after I was pretty much broken up in a car wreck in 1967 (they let me lie in a puddle of gas until the funeral wagon arrived to pick me up-they thought I was beyond further injury), I got four morphine shots for the breaks and chemical burns.
Ten minutes later, I asked the pretty nurse taking me up to the room if she'd go to the dance with me the next night.
She was great. She said if I could take her, she'd go.
Morphine works well.

Steve, I would have said the same thing your nurse said. I've only had one patient say something that may have hinted at illegal activity in their past. An elderly female patient said she was tired of sitting in the car with the gun waiting for me. I'd still like to know the rest of that story. I asked her what I was doing and the only thing she would say is I forgot the suitcase for the stuff. I think we were robbing a bank and she was driving the getaway car.

Geez, nursecindy. Alzheimer's is like an elderly form of Madlibs.

Nursecindy, you and Dave need to write a book.

On a related note:


Eyegore I'm trying to write a book about online dating experiences, some of which were my own a few years ago. One experience I wrote about was a New Years Eve date I had with a Mormon who went home after our date and had his 5 kids vote on whether or not I should be their new mom. They said no because I had a cup of coffee at dinner. In my defense I didn't know he was a Mormon. I also didn't know he had 5 kids. I'm also (in case my new boss Martini Shark is lurking) working on another movie review right now! It will be done by Friday or sooner! First I have to watch a movie though. Does anyone have any suggestions for newly released movies that would be worth writing about?

Inception, NurseCindy. Awesome movie!!!

First of all, BRAVO on the poem PirateBoy. Inception may be a good choice. The last movie I reviewed was....strange. It was about a priest, twin boys with telepathic abilities, and a deformed policeman. btw, Martini Shark writes some great reviews on nukethefridge.com.

NC, maybe we can write the review for you....make it a chain review.

Of course the last new movie I saw (last night) was "A River Runs Through It"...Went fly fishing in Montana last week - had to watch it.

It sez here that Shaolin monks practice the Iron Gong "skill" every morning... Words fail me.

One thumb down on INCEPTION here. I'm too old for this crap.

The new Woody Allen is a lot more accessible, cindy, and I know you want to see Paris (not Hilton).

And back to the original topic. Since no one else said it, "Sometimes you feel like a nut...".

cindy, I thought you were about to say he had his five wives vote on you.


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