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June 04, 2011


Study finds young women's wisdom teeth disappearing

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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So? they don't need teeth to cook and clean. Just a few in front so they can smile pretty for their husband? haha Oh boy am I gonna get in trouble for that. I can feel the smacks coming.

Dave, you're behind times. They're already renamed it climate disruption... oops, they're up to "climate challenge" now.

BTW, here's a few things that really have been blamed on global warming.

oldfatguy, I'm really disappointed in you. *SMACKS* the stuffing out of oldfatguy.

Primate change.

NC, thanks I needed that.

Just as long as other parts of their bodies don't disappear.

Jumps in handbasket with oldfatguy.

What kind of teeth...? Figures.

Not Japanese and not young, but I never had to deal with wisdom teeth either. My dentist just said I was a few steps farther along the evolutionary path. Brother only had two, but they were impacted and miserable to have removed. I always thought they should be called "misery teeth." The 'wisdom' came from the age people usually were when those last teeth appeared not because they made their victims any smarter.

"Both Goto and Tanaka stressed the need for infants to chew on hard foods to develop their teeth."

Why? Has Lamarck suddenly been proven right?

I never had wisdom teeth either. My father only had 2 wisdom teeth.

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