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June 29, 2011


It's coming.

(Thanks to Jennifer Bryant)


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Beam me up Scotty. There's no intelligent life on this planet.

Purina is now making a dilithium crystal dog chow.

WOW! My summer project!

And we don't even have to ask "was alcohol....

Was he a reject from Westminster?

We're having a Fourth of July party here in my town with a pirate costume contest! I'm thinking of entering and dressing my chihuahua up as a parrot. If you don't hear from me after the 4th you'll know why.

Poor dog looks as if he's pleading "get this crap off my back, and get me a new owner, pleeze..."

It could be worse, though. He could have been dressed as the william Shatner float.

Must be photoshopped. Everyone knows cattle dogs prefer Coors.

What nerdfrats do after finals.

I'll 'hold my beer and watch this YOU.
- - dog caption

This would never fly with Bruno. He's having a hard enough time just wearing the Cone of Shame until his staples are removed.

I have a question about the blog. Is there a way for me to change a setting so that I am emailed every time a comment is added to a blog entry that I have commented on? I saw that I can subscribe to a news feed, but I don't have news feeds in my email program. Thank you for your help.

Poor Scottie... stuck down in engineering.

That's why I own cats.

Yeah, cats would never put up with that.

Are you Sirius?

Bud Light. What self-respecting dog would wear it?

If you light a match behind Stewie sometimes, it's a sure bet he could reach warp speed.

No answer for the Minx??? I'm thinking of a Klingon ship for our cat. (Kzinish)

LeDud, it would appear that way.

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