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June 21, 2011


Octopuses limber up for Women's World Cup

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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Shouldn't that be Octopi?

What!? German's need a hero again?

*goes to read article*

*was right*

i knew what it meant which is a comment on me which needs no... comment.

These things just write themselves.

That last paragraph is particularly Onion-esque.

So, what's the Ocotpi's version of rock, sissors, paper?

I never thought I would agree with Ahmadinejad on anything [save maybe that ties are annoying to tie], but...

Before I click the link can anyone confirm whether or not we're talkin' tentacle porn, here?

I remember the good old days when all we did was slink around the ocean making ink. Also *SMACKS* ScottMGS with all 8 arms.

Octopuses have no business yanking things, in my opinion.

Only slightly OT/

I'm going to watch the USA Men's National Team (who desperately need a moniker) tomorrow night right here in Houston. They're taking on Panama in the semi-final of the Gold Cup.

Should be a great match!


Back in the day I was accused of being like an octopus all over women's "cups."


Octopussies is the plural.


Why did they even have to talk to Ahmanutjob?

When I read that tagline, I immediately thought about Maggie. I took her to a dance once as a "friend" because she was my friend, I thought.
Turned out that Maggie had a crush on me that showed up after about 3 drinks.
We were riding home in the back seat of another friend's car. I had Maggie's right hand trapped in my left and her left in my right, wondering where that other hand came from.
Yes, I know that you women have dealt with this for centuries. Have you ever found out about those extra hands?

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