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June 28, 2011


Here's an interview with Erik "The Lizard Man" Sprague.

(Thanks to funny man, who notes that Erik is single)


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Is he related to Howard Sprague?

This is off-topic...but what else is new on this delightful blog.

The day after tomorrow is our 144th birthday as a country...we call it "Canada Day".

I terms of population, we are a small country, but we are fiercely proud.

I thought I would share this, click here

The video takes about 10 or 15 seconds to load, but it is worth it. I have been to most of the places depicted thereon. Come and see for yourself..it is worth it.

My neighbour (note the extra "U") emigrated from Holland after the war. He was in Arnhem when Canadian troops liberated Holland. He had experienced the horror of living under Nazi occupation...he and his family damned near starved to death.

Every July 1st (Canada Day), I have him over to the house to drink a toast, with excellent Scotch, to freedom. He cries, because he is so grateful to be living in a country that represents freedom and justice for all.

I cry, because I empathize with him.

In another few days, you folks are going to celebrate your own country's birthday.

On behalf of one Canadian, allow me to thank you guys for being such good friends, great allies, and generally just good people.



Excellent Afkat! To honor Canada as a loyal neighbor (no U) I would like to offer you California. I've worked with many Canadian doctors and nurses and they were wonderful co-workers after I got them to quit saying 'eh'. Happy Birthday to Canada!

Anyone up there want a free lizardman ?

nursecindy would like to offer you Cali, but she can't find it on a map. Dadgum Carolina skools.

Have a great day, eh? Just keep the polka music down. Lights out by 9.

It's been near 40 years since I was last in Canada but I found it then, and I trust now, a hospitable and courteous place ('cept for those dang border guards at Niagara Falls who took my VW apart looking in my shaving kit for what I'd hidden. (It was under my swim trunks)).
I'd love to visit again. But, how do I say this? Y'all talk funny.

I don't blame you for wanting to distract this post away from Lizardman. I watched the whole interview and was starting to think that this dude sounded more or less normal except for the extremely abnormal way he looks (putting aside the fact that he filed all his teeth to sharp points and had his tongue spliced in half). But then he jammed a large corkscrew-shaped wire through his nose, out his mouth and into his earlobe, and my world went a little south. (Forgive me, Southerners.)

Canada Day, how lovely you are.

This is what Canadians do - their niceyness masks their real intent - to steal attention away from the original point. They sit there all innocent on their little snowbanks and wave 'hello', but don't ever ever turn your backs on them.


You are the only US resident that has been able to detect our true motive.

First we sent the wild beavers to take over the Hudson River.

Then we sent the rabid elk into Colorado.

Shortly, we will send our surfers from Tofino to rule the waves in your home state of California.

We're polite, but very devious.


Canada, you gave us William Shatner.

I can forgive you anything.

Lizard Man needs to paint his fingernails.

Great video, Afkat. Thanks for posting!

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