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June 07, 2011


My friend Gael wrote a book! We all know many people who talk about writing books who never actually write anything down (not that we are talking abour ourselves). So we are in awe of this accomplishment. We must also add that Gael, with her Pop Culture Junk Mail, was the person who first introduced the s.b. to blogs ("what? you post links every day? why? who reads them? i don't get it!"); thus she is indirectly responsible for a lot of good or bad things, depending upon your point of view. So buy the book! Go to a signing to meet Gael and her co-author. "Like" them on facebook! Tweet them, carmelize them, and/or verb them in any way you see fit. They can take it. They have pudding pops.


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talking abour ourselves?

Judi, be careful about those suggestions ("Tweet") as you don't want to give a certain New York Congressman any ideas.

Y'know, we should try to get Dave to write a book. I bet it'd be funny.

"They have pudding pops."

Sorry, Dave, pudding pops just don't do it for me. Now if they had Bonomo's Turkish Taffy...

Congrats, Gael! May your book be hotter than pet rocks.

We should all get together online and write a book. Call it - "BlogFlashMobBook."

Or not and say we did.

a haiku:

go to the signing
apply the verb of your choice
they have pudding pops

Come to the Dark Side.
We have pudding pops!

This looks like a very good book. I personally think a TV show about us bloggers would do well. Dave could portray himself, Cameron Diaz could portray judi, and Ewan McGregor could portray all the blog guys. I want Jennifer Aniston to portray me.

Shameless friends deserve to be promoted.

Crrrraig Ferrrguson would guest star. Many, many times.

Congrats to Gael!!!

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