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June 06, 2011


Watch a Teaser for Whisker Wars, the Competitive Beard-Grooming Show

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Sounds too hairy for me.

will there be a prize for 'best shed'?


featuring... single men!!!

Women just Luv hairy guys!


Judi, Mud broke the blog!

Last comment retracted.

When this competition gets to high schools, will the teams be single gender or mixed?

I started growing a beard in December. You've got to trim that thing or it looks like a bad facial afro. That Sasquatch look only works for hermits (snigger: Gene Hackman).

My ex had a beard that he shaved off ONCE when I asked him. I tried to put it back on him with scotch tape. He hasn't cut it off anymore.

No ZZ Top background music? C'mon!

Sorry, but I've got AT&T blinding fast DSL at the farm, which means it is WAY TOO SLOW to watch any video. So I couldn't see it.
I had a beard for over 20 years, then shaved it off one weekend. No one in the family noticed for three days. Including my wife.
This is one reason for my belief that old married people don't really see each other even if they bother to look.
The good news is that she cannot complain if I don't rave over her new hairstyle.

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