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June 29, 2011




(Thanks to Stan Franzeen)


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It is not recommended to remove the item from its packaging.

If I bring one to the next book signing at Anderson's in Naperville -- dressed as Elvis, of course -- could I get Dave to sign it?

That can't possibly be real...

It looks like it has armpit hair.

As if Bieber wasn't creepy enough...

Speaking of him, we were in Macy's on 34 Street yesterday and there is a life-size cutout of the Bieb inside the entrance hyping his "scent."

This time Spielberg and Lucas have gone too far.

This calls back too many memories of the movie "Splice".

I see the website has an area for "support". I can see how that might come in handy.

This would go great with my CD of Stephen King's Bedtime Stories!

What the hell is that supposed to BE?????

Area 51 dolls. Who knew ?

You can "choose" for it to have a 1-year or 3-year lifespan.

Great way to teach kids to dump future (real) pets or partners every few years or so.

Consume, consume, consume. When does it ever end?

The more I read the FAQ's, the more I was grossed out.

Also not a hoax at al!

wikipedia claims it's a hoax: "Genpets are a mixed media installation art piece by artist Adam Brandejs. It is considered a hoax of exposure." (I in-lined the artist's link.) And note that the media exposure was back in 2006-2008.

Why is this patented? Who the hell would steal this idea?

Why is this patented? Who the hell would steal this idea?

And tasty, too.

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