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June 27, 2011


Troops called in to scare storks with eye contact

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The men who stare at storks??? Call George Clooney stat!!

I spy with my little eye.

Heck yes it works on the French. Just ask the Germans.

Personally I'd have brought in Manilow but that's just me.

Stork: "Don't look at me, I'm hideous!"

BTW - I've found an evil stare at just the right time can prevent the stork from arriving at MY house.

Yeah, I've heard that birth control of almost any method keeps the stork away.
Oh, and DO NOT plant cabbage. The leaves just attract them.

Troops called in to scare storks with eye contact

Why would the storks wear only one contact?

Stork Stares Stem Smash-ups

If they scare the storks there won't be any more babies!

Do storks deliver baby storks to other storks?

Stork (snork) @ nc!

"Not tonight dear, These weird men (is that George Clooney?) keep staring at me, and I'm now not in the mood."

I was going to write a real popper about F-Troop and Larry Stork. A quick check says he's actually Larry Storch....and I withdraws the joke.

LeDud - Larry Storch was his own brand of birth control.


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