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June 29, 2011


Pi vs. Tau.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Pi has always been irrational.

*reads comments*

*head explodes*

Now let's do something about the stupid " s " in " maths ".

Pie is wrong?

These people are nuts.

All these theoriticians should go golfing to set their differences aside. Iworked for Obama and Boehner at least.

(from comments) Tau makes much more sense than pi. Pi is the equivalent of defining 1kg as the mass of two litres of water or defining 1 joule as the energy expended imparting a force of one newton over two metres.

NERD!!!! There, now I feel less inadequate.

A snowy day, an eight-digit calculator, and a formula to approximate pi, 355/113, led me to a method of calculating long-string repeating-digit division problems. It also showed underlying patterns in the strings that could be used in code making.
Maybe, I should sit this argument out.

EVERYbody likes pi.

Pi r square.

No pi r not square, pi r round, cornbread r square.

1 joule as the energy expended imparting a force of one newton over two metres

Assuming no energy is lost to heat nor is this a nuclear reaction, in which case... Hey come back here!!!

Give me a slice of cherry pi, and a tau-nkard of Dr. Pepper and I am one happy camper!!!


I'm a girl.

One fig newton, one pi, and beer = joules drunk.

The sugar is the activator.

Sings "I'd rather be a hammer than a nail, yes I wood,
yes I wood,
I'd rather be a geek than a freak, yes I would, yes I would..."

Math is hard!

The irony is, π looks kind of like two τ's mashed together, so logically π should be twice τ, not the other way around.

It's a Pi in your face argument.

Sorry, Mikey. Here, have some pi.

π should be twice τ

I like twice t. With lemon.

Don't feel bad NotSherly. I thought Mikey was a guy also. Sorry Mikey. Is it safe to assume that Layzeeboy, Ralph, padraig, Steve, funny man, and Martini Shark are guys?

Just make mine blackberry. With icecream on top.

I had a long argument with the guy at the roulette table as to what I consider to be an odd number - Steven Wright

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